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Founded by sisters Lisa Strandberg and Kaitie Sjostedt, The Shore Line is an independent women's resort wear brand founded in 2021, made by women for women, featuring effortless feminine silhouettes with a salty spirit of coastal living. Inspired by their childhood growing up on the coast of Florida on the beach, swimming, surfing and everything in between, Lisa and Kaitie built a brand that transitions seamlessly and beautifully from the beach to the city streets—capturing the spirit and magic of a coastal lifestyle.

All of The Shore Line’s pieces are classic staples. Created in elegant black and white tones and rich neutrals, The Shore Line is all about classics like breezy button-ups, maxi skirts, and jump suits, along with easy-to-pair tanks, tops, shorts and pants. Everything in the collection is meant to work by itself as well as together for a truly effortless and beautiful look.

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