Black and white image of a women standing on the beach in striped pants

THE SHORE LINE is a brand that lives and breathes by one simple narrative: Effortless feminine silhouettes with a salty spirit. Founded by sisters, Lisa and Kaitie, who grew up on the shorelines of Florida. 
The beach is where this story begins… as a family they spent their time playing in the waves and soaking up the sun. Life would ultimately draw them both to city living, Kaitie to New York, and Lisa to Austin.  But, they still carried the memories they had growing and learning from their time spent enjoying the beach.
THE SHORE LINE was created with this lifestyle in mind.  Drawing inspiration from coastal living and giving you light-hearted aesthetics that can be seamlessly navigated from beach life to the city streets... day to evening, week to the weekend, and home to travels. 
THE SHORE LINE isn’t just a place, it's a state of mind.